Robert DiVasto, P.E.

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply

Robert DiVasto currently serves as senior vice president, manufacturing and supply at Zavante Therapeutics. DiVasto has more than 30 years of international pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical experience in the design, implementation and operation of global supply chains for both commercial and investigational products. Prior to joining Zavante, DiVasto served as vice president, manufacturing and supply for Cadence Pharmaceuticals, where he developed and implemented the outsourced supply strategy for OFIRMEV®, focusing on supply security and speed to market – commercializing just eight weeks after receiving FDA approval. Prior to Cadence, DiVasto was vice president, European supply at Valeant Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland, and has held senior operations and engineering roles at GlaxoSmithKline in the U.S. and U.K. DiVasto received his master’s degree in manufacturing leadership from the University of Cambridge and his bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Temple University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and is a contributing member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.